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The Law Office of Sheila O'Connor Allen
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Sheila Allen:  "Taking a dispute to trial has always been a terribly time-consuming, emotionally-draining, and costly process. I am a firm believer in the process of mediation - especially as it allows for a creative solution that works today, and will continue to work in the future.  A unique aspect to this process is the fact that the participants have full control over the final decisions."

 As a Mediator, Sheila O'Connor Allen does not represent either party as an Attorney. 

The Law Office of Sheila O'Connor Allen - Resolution Assistance from a Skilled Mediator

Attorney Sheila O'Connor Allen's legal  experience spans over two decades.  Her experience, prior to law school, as an accountant and auditor has given her a unique insight into specific issues regarding business, finances, work issues and stresses.  Her extensive experience in litigation adds to Ms. Allen's expertise as a Mediator in all areas, including family law, civil law, CPS, and Guardianship cases.

Attorney Sheila O'Connor Allen devotes much of her mediation practice to helping people achieve a positive resolution through mediation - a resolution which will work today, and into the future.

Advantages to Mediation
Many legal disputes can never be fully resolved because of the cost involved in taking the issue to Court, or the inability of a Court proceeding to resolve the issues (Courts can only order what was requested in the Petition; they, normally will not order apologies, or future physical assistance, bartering, or creative solutions tailored to the parties' situation  to resolve the problem.)  
 Mediation allows for creativity in the solution - the parties can fashion a fair and reasonable solution to all, or just part of the issues. Partial resolutions through mediation allow for a narrowed, focused,  court proceeding on the few issues which could not be mediated. What many people do not realize is that a wide variety of legal problems can be resolved by mediation, such as Real Estate issues, Business disputes, Contract breaches, Divorce Issues, Will/Probate disputes, contested Guardianship issues, other family disagreements, and also neighborhood disputes. 

The Mediator's objective is to help everyone involved communicate their concerns, and reach a fair and reasonable resolution. 
As a neutral third party, the Mediator is not emotionally involved in the dispute and has an excellent vantage point for assisting the parties in identifying potential solutions.