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Post-Judgment Modification Issues:

Marriage creates relationships that do not necessarily end once a divorce is final. There are often unforeseen circumstances that create a need for a post-divorce modification of a Divorce Decree or Paternity Orders. 
At the Law Office of Sheila O'Connor Allen, we are committed to assisting our clients so we may effectively handle any necessary post-judgment modification issues.

Effective Post-Judgment Modification:

Significant changes in personal and financial circumstances can necessitate a modification of child support, child custody, or a visitation plan. A new job, alcoholism or addiction, or an out of state move, may compel the courts to modify prior orders. However, Texas courts do not modify prior orders arbitrarily; they require a significant, material change in circumstances. We have represented innumerable clients seeking a variety of modifications of their court orders.

• Child custody modifications - The determining factor in petitions to modify child custody orders is what is in the best interest of the child. The courts typically examine issues involving the child's health, welfare, and education when making modification decisions. 

• Modification of Visitation - Visitation schedules can be altered for a variety of reasons, including changes to a parent's work schedule or location, the child's school activities, and other changing needs of the child. As with custody decisions, the interests of the child are of paramount concern. 

• Child support modifications - The courts consider a number of issues when faced with requests to modify child support orders: changes in income, loss of a job, the emancipation of a child, change of custody, or the birth of another child. Depending on the circumstances, child support may be increased or decreased. 

• Office of the Attorney General - We represent litigants in Paternity suits, Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCRs), Suits Denying Paternity and Enforcement proceedings filed by the Attorney General's Office. 

If your circumstances have significantly changed since your divorce was finalized or your last orders were issued, and you have questions about the modification of issues regarding the children, please contact the Law Office of Sheila O'Connor Allen at 5934 South Staples Street, Suite 206,  Corpus Christi, TX 78413.  Our office can be reached by phone at (361) 876-3968 or by e-mail. 

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